What Survival Gear Do You Need for the Outdoors?

If you are going camping in the woods, there are a number of outdoor survival gear you will need. These gears will not only make your stay at the woods comfortable, but can also keep you safe. Below is an overview of some of the categories of outdoor gear you should have when going camping or hiking.

i) Utility Gear
A tarp can be used to line the floor to reduce the withdrawal of heat from your body into the ground. A tarp can be converted into a tent or used as a canopy to prevent rain from infiltrating your shelter. While other survival gears are helpful in developing shelters, such as tents and even a knife which can cut branches or small tree logs, a tarp is quick and easy to set up and can be possibly used to alert a search party for your whereabouts. Rope can also be of great assistance in setting up a shelter, by hanging a tarp or branches and leaves on it. Rope can also be useful in procuring food, as detailed below.

ii) Hunting Gear
Survival gears that can be useful in obtaining food or in defense are also of paramount importance. A knife can be useful in many aspects of hunting. But other tools, such as fishing pole, or simply a hook and fishing wire, can be quite useful in procuring food, depending upon where you are located. A bow and arrow is another useful tool which can be used in obtaining small and medium sized game.

iii) Protection Gear
A rifle or handgun is an incredibly useful tactical survival gear that can be used in defense and hunting medium and large sized game. Barring these tools, traps can be set to catch small game that can make for a nutritious and delicious meal. These traps can be set up as deadfalls that require nothing more than sticks and rocks that you are likely to find in the wild, or can be more elaborate and use rope and metal as a method for catching larger game.

Living through a survival situation requires many components. These include luck, perseverance, preparation, keeping yourself in physical shape, and a strong mental composition. However, other items can greatly assist you in your chances of survival, as detailed above. Selection and maintenance of the aforementioned survival gears will only improve the probability that you will, in fact, survive.
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