Vital Outdoor Survival Gear

Survival in a tough situation can sometimes be a challenge. However, surviving in adverse circumstances outdoors requires a good amount of knowledge, some planning beforehand, and survival tools like water and food supplies. Being ready for any kind of situation that may occur in a remote, wild area is often essential for survival. Check out to get started.

Fanny packs and backpacks are vital as they allow you to carry supplies needed for outdoor survival. For many people surviving outdoors, it can be a very long lonely time. Some experienced survivalists recommend carrying playing cards, reading devices, or writing materials. These aren't essential but may help you pass time if you're stuck somewhere.

Essential free survival gear for outdoors includes a compass and map. Having good knowledge of an area can help you find adequate water, shelter, and protection. A map used alongside a compass can guide you to a destination. A first aid kit is a must. When you're outdoors, particularly if you're stuck in the woods, accidents are bound to occur no matter how insignificant. Simple items like painkillers, antibacterial ointments, and band aids can all help with scrapes, minor cuts, aches and pains.

Having the right type of clothing can be all the difference between surviving and not making it. Warm clothes like an insulated coat, socks, hat, clean and warm underwear can help keep you warm on a cold night or in severe weather conditions. Other essentials for keeping warm include space blankets, sleeping bags as well as small fires.

Cooking supplies are essential for cooking and heating food and water. In some areas, you can catch fish or other small animals as a source of food but it's still wise to carry energy snacks along with canned food. If you're getting water from a spring or other natural source, carry water containers along with water purification tablets. Moreover, it's recommended that you avoid salty water if you can. For lighting stoves and fires, waterproof matches and lighters are the best. A duct tape, can opener and small fishing line can also be useful.

Shelter may come in many forms. Many survivalists prefer tents as means of shelter. Sometimes tarpaulin shelters are used as well. These sheets are lighter and easier to carry when compared with the lightest tents. Other essential outdoor survival items include hunting knives, survival knives, pepper spray, binoculars, multi tool kits and whistles. Knives are especially useful for building shelter, starting fires, hunting and, of course, self defense.